6 Haircare Tips for Summer, Natural Summer Hair Care, Summer Hai


1- Spray on sunscreen. The sun can tinker with hair color, making it fade or turn brassy. Before you head outside, spritz on a leave-in conditioner with sunscreen to protect your tint.


2- Summer tends to make hair dry, so this process will speed up on hair with already-dead ends in need of a cut. Trimming before the summer minimizes damage by removing unhealthy ends before you hit the sun.


3- Protect hair from the sun. This is especially important if you color your hair! Use a spray-on UV protectant over your leave-in conditioner to prevent the sun's rays from turning your hair a brassy shade.


4- Apply styling paste to short hair. A gummy paste will give short cuts hold and definition, plus protect them from the sun and chlorine. Smooth onto dry hair before going outside.


5- Rinse away salt and chlorine. If left on the hair, salt and chlorine can make it dry and brittle. After swimming, remove chemicals with tap water.


6-While saltwater is a good styling aid, it can leave hair knotted and clumpy. Spritz a bit of your UV protectant onto the comb's teeth and run it through strands after every swim to prevent those knots.

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